"Art in Action" sprang up at the end of the 1980's when the leaders of some of the main vanguard societies in Bulgaria consolidate their ideas. The association was established in April 1990. Founder-members are: Dobrin Peichev and Orlin Dvorianov ("DE" Group), Daniela Nenova and Alexander Pojarliev ("Performance" Group), Dimitar Grozdanov ("MA" Group), Veliko Sherbanov and Viara Grancharova ("Kukuvden" Group), Albena Mihailova ("RUB" Group), Viacheslav Botev ("Hermes" Group), and Diana Popova (individual artist). In May 1991, the joined also Ljubomir Velev ("Slav" Group), Nikolai Ivanov ("OM" Group), Emil Valev ("Purple General" Group), Kliment Atanasov ("KA" Gallery), Ani Horisian ("Art Cinema"), Vencislav Zankov, Alexander Raikov, Georgi Rujev.

Since its foundation, the development of Art in Action could be divided in three major periods:

1990 - 1993 - the activities of the association include mainly founders' performances. During this period, the "Art in Action" Gallery found its home in the building the Democratic Party on 49 Dondukov Blvd. in Sofia. The association organizes various artistic projects in optional surrounding areas, such as happenings at the abandoned "Proshekovo Pivo" brewery, the old Sofia Transport Police building, etc. Simultaneously, in cooperation with Bourgas "KA" Gallery, the association annually organizes a series of artistic actions along the South Black Sea coastline. The initiative is called "Art Hero". That period is also marked by numerous performances abroad, the most significant of which is the association participation in the first "OST-VEST Fest" in Berlin.

1994 - 1998 - "Art in Action" works mainly through the youth programs organized by the Art pedagogical team, that gather many young authors, high school and university students. Many of the established authors leave the association. At this time the organization becomes a cofounder of the "Ost West Forum" Association, located in Berlin. It is a network of international partner organizations from all parts of Europe. Due to these contacts more than twenty international projects have been implemented in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, France, Turkey, Poland and Romania. During this period in the association work Antonia Duende, Boris Serginov, Gabriela Serginova, Irena Mitova-Neutwig, Daniela Nenova and others.

After 1999 - the association expands accepting new members - young authors, some of which participate in project 2aaa. The new members are: Kalin Plugchiev, Luba Dimitrova, Stela Inchovska, Maya Antova, Dobrin Atanasov - "Y generation" group; Maya Jalova, Gergana Temelkova, Liliana Dvorianova, Nikolay Delchev - "Gesture Sound Image" group (GSI), Svetoslav Bitrakov - "SLAV" group. During this period "Art in Action" works not only on international youth exchange, but also on different original projects. The biggest one is the global three year project "2aaa" including fourteen performances covering the whole territory of Bulgaria. Thanks to the expanded organizational staff and the partnership with the newly founded Centre for informal education and cultural activities ALOS, "Art in Action" seriously expands its international activities, counting not only on its old partners but also newly made contacts with countries like the Czech republic, Spain, Belgium, Hungary and others.

Currently "Art in Action" has four main spheres of activity - music, fine arts, visual theatre performance and art pedagogy (international youth exchange). The work of the association is closely connected with "Unconventional forms" Studio of "Pedagogy of fine arts teaching" Major in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Students and teachers from this major are the main participants in the preparation and implementation of the projects.

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